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Born and raised in rural southern Germany in the 1980s, I have been living and working in London for the past 15 years. My first contact with photography was through my dad and grandad, both photography enthusiasts, who documented everyday life in the communities close to them.

A friend once observed “You are not a street photographer, you take photographs of streets.” My interest is in the street as social space and the individuals and groups shaping it. I see public spaces and their communities, often transcultural in nature, increasingly threatened by gentrification and marginalisation.

Working collectively and collaboratively is as important to me as documenting public space in the city of today. My practice is characterised by community engagement; linking documentary photography with social exchanges and dialogue. My activities feed into public interventions, workshops, events, community records, exhibitions and publishing.

I currently divide my time between photography, archiving and community arts projects and commissions. I facilitate workshops, and give lectures and talks. My work has been exhibited internationally and my photographs have appeared in Time Out, The Sunday Times and The Guardian. The Ridley Road Market book project was nominated for the European Art Graduate’s StartPoint Prize 2018.  

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