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My activities incorporate photography, archives and dialogue to inform and generate collaborative projects and workshops. In turn these activities feed back into publishing, exhibiting, events and community records.

   A friend once said ‘You are not a street photographer, you take photographs of streets.’ He is right — all my projects feature streets. Yet, it’s not the street itself that interests me but the individuals and groups who inhabit and shape it, who give it life. Inviting people to participate in my projects is as crucial as using my camera to document my immediate surroundings.

   My work links documentary photography with oral history, conversation and walking in the public realm. In my practice I utilise my camera, photographs and archival material to foster encounters with strangers and transactions with collaborators alike. These activities feed back into publishing, workshops, events, interventions and community records.

    The portrait — photographic, through micro histories and personal narratives — forms the core of my practice. Taking into account the politics of representation, I continuously seek to create new frameworks of collective knowledge production and social exchanges.

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