Junge Boxer


This work portrays a group of young up-and-coming boxers in Berlin: for a conversation in the ring the young men collectively explore and reflect on personal and social conditions linking boxing to their lives and backgrounds. Here, the ring is not a place of fighting with fists but a place of articulation and exchange.

The photographic portraits of the boxers where taken in short intervals between heavy training. The increasing physical exhaustion prevents the young men from ‘posing’ and so a space between photographer and subject emerges that has an immediate and less composed character.

Im Ring from Tamara Rabea on Vimeo.

Abu, Boxer from Tamara Rabea on Vimeo.

The video Abu, Boxer reveal the young athlete’s state of mind when he is boxing. Shot in slow motion, the camera records his facial expressions and body language - physical, mental and emotional states unfold simultaneously.

Thank you to Abud Abu-lubden.

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