Ridley Road Market (Book Dummy)


    Ridley Road is a street and a market. Described as a 'hub of connection, interconnections and social interaction’ by sociologist Sophie Watson, Ridley Road market is in motion, transient and permanent at the same time. A place ‘full of history’ (as many traders told me) yet not written down.
    It is a place in which histories coexist, overlap and cross paths. Beyond a place of trade, this street has hosted multiple cultures and communities. Over the years, each has left their mark and is still shaping the market landscape. However, there are plans for redevelopment of the immediate area - the local and social fabric of the market is under threat. 
    In ‘Ridley Road Chapters I-III’ the market is captured as three elements. Generations of trader families as well as people from around the globe have shaped the street’s identity. Secondly, photographs of market stalls and shops underline the temporary structures and unofficial architecture and convey the market’s transient nature.
    Unlike the areas around it, Ridley Road still upholds degrees of autonomy in public space. Lastly, the objects as still life photographs reveal the journey they have taken from near and afar.


The book was printed as
a dummy in  July 2018. It includes archival materials,  a set of newspaper cuttings and about 150 stories. The book is where histories large and small unfold.

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