Road Less Travelled Press

early stages

Investigating individual and collective action in public space, the Road Less Travelled Press seeks to collectively generate and disseminate new narratives of agency and transformation through collaborative publishing processes.

Focusing on street activism as well as on day-to-day acts of kindness between strangers, the Road Less Travelled Press invites people to explore and make publications together; using photography, dialogue, archival materials, writing, theatre methods, and in workshops or any other mediums, techniques and appraoches collaborators might want to share and work with.

Range of collected materials - newspaper cuttings, postcards, photographs, pamphlets, publications (by Centerprise Publishing and Freedom Press). Book dummy ‘Road Less Travelled: Vol. 1: Silent Marches, marching silently’ [centre], self-published ‘Ridley Road Market’ (2019) [top left] , book collaboration ‘The Rio Cinema Archive’ (2020) [bottom right]

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