Road Less Travelled Press - Volume One:
Silent Marches,
marching silently


Road Less Travelled Press - Volume One: Silent Marches, marching silently brings together three strands of photographs merging my local with global realities, exploring personal and collective action.

A silent march by Hackney teenagers from Ridley Road to Parliament Square in 1962 kept me going: a march to stand up to hate speech and divisive action. Their banners proclaiming unity, solidarity, connection.*

I retraced the steps of the young protesters; walking from Ridley Road to Parliament Square, marching silently, on my own. Lonely streets exposing deprivation, gentrification, power, authority; traces of solidarity and dissent.

With my eyes wide open, in me an urge to document the potential of activist activity. Searching, collecting and connecting with silent marches all over the world, I see crowds bursting streets, collective resilience.

United in intention, a flock silently gathers, metamorphosing in the thousands. New formations of birds filling the sky second by second. I observe agility and endless patterns of being together.

* inspiring me to complete my eight year book project ‘Ridley Road Market’. Newspaper cutting ‘The silent march’ feature at the centre of the book. This silent march was my starting point for this new project acting as a bridge between Ridley Road and the Road Less Travelled Press.

This first volume of the Road Less Travelled Press acts simultaneously as an invitation: It is an invitation to individuals and groups to work with me in producing new publications with the Road Less Travelled Press. Each volume will be a different collaboration; seeking and sharing new perspectives on protest action and acts of kindness in public space.

The Road Less Travelled Press is a publishing project combining photography, dialogue, performance, historical materials, writing, and workshops to collaboratively explore every day protest in public space. Focusing on activism - not only in a conventional sense - but more so on the day-to-day experiences of people, we explore, together, familiar and unfamiliar gestures, words, images, acts and actions. The concept of agency - the power of every human being to take a position, intervene and actively affect change - will be at the core of workshops and social exchanges.

The Road Less Travelled Press’ publishing process is open and fluid; its aim to collectively generate new knowledge to inspire kindness in action and disseminate testimonies of agency. The Road Less Travelled Press was established by me, Tamara Stoll, in April 2020.

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