Road Less Travelled
Vol. 1:  Silent Marches,
marching silently

WORK IN PROGRESS, 2020 [dummy]

Road Less Travelled Vol. 1: Silent Marches, marching silently brings together three strands of photographs merging my local with global realities, exploring personal and collective action through silent marches.

A silent march by Hackney teenagers from Ridley Road to Parliament Square in 1962 kept me going for years.*

In 2020, I retraced the steps of the young protesters; marching silently, on my own investigating London streets for architechtural references to historical and social conditions of equality and power.
With my eyes wide open, I am searching, collecting and connecting with silent marches all over the world.

United in intention, a flock silently gathers, metamorphosing in the thousands. New formations filling the sky second by second. I observe endless patterns of being together.

*inspiring me to complete eight year book project ‘Ridley Road Market’. The 1962 Silent March was my starting point for this - a bridge between Ridley Road and the Road Less Travelled.

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