Through Different Lenses


    To explore staged photography, we facilitated a workshop for refugees and Leipzigers using techniques such as movement, acting and theatre, allowing participants to share stories of public encounters in Leipzig without the need for words. Some of our methods were based on Augusto Boal's 'Theater of the Oppressed’. Together we developed our observations into narratives and re-enacted them. We expressed our ideas about living in Leipzig by staging and photographing street scenes. Our roles changed between director, photographer and actor, always within a safe environment.
  Together we edited the outcome for the exhibition ‘Through Different Lenses’ at Fetti Amore Project Space, Leipzig in 2017.

Workshop collaboration with Josephine Kremberg. With Gazmend (Joy) Nure, Jan Heidtmann, Maxi Ziegler, Raisan Hameed, Robert Kunstmann, Sabrina Asche, Zaroon Mohammad.

Collaborative Workshop Outcome

Exhibition ‘Through Different Lenses’ at Fetti Amore Project Space, January 2017

In co-operation with interaction Leipzig e.V.

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